Crowdfunding Consultancy for Startups and Small Business

Crowdfunding Consultancy for Startups and Small Business

Using a crowdfunding consultancy is the quickest and easiest way to get your crowdfunding campaign launched and the investment funds you need in the bank within 100 days.

Crowdfunding, sometimes called crowd financing, equity crowdfunding or crowd-sourced fundraising, is the best venture capital source for startups and small business.

Crowdfunding has roots going back to the 17th century, but it was re-discovered in the late 1990′s as a very effective way of fundraising for concerts.

Since 2010 and the emergence of mainstream social media, crowdfunding has become an established way of using viral online marketing to obtain funding for the SME tier of businesses.

It is quicker, cheaper and more successful than the conventional funding sources, such as banks and venture capitalists, and it is especially useful as a way of sourcing foreign investment.

Crowdfunding Consultancy – How It Helps

Crowdfunding consultancy is a simple but very necessary service to help you quickly, cheaply and effectively source capital for your startup or small business.

We understand your problem.

You have a great business idea, but without the capital funding to turn the idea into reality your business idea will go nowhere.

You’ve tried the usual funding sources, the banks and government support grants, but they just don’t get it because they still haven’t figured out how the New Economy works.

We do and we work with you to help you attract the funding you need from New Economy sources.

Firstly, we will work with you to prepare a detailed business plan that will engage with New Economy funders, a business plan clearly setting out your vision along with the costs of turning your vision into reality. What’s more, using our business simulation and evaluation tools, we will also help you stress test your business plan to ensure that you can demonstrate to potential donors that your business vision is viable and as risk free as possible.

With the business plan in place, we will work with you to develop a professionally packaged appeal for funds, setting out the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the idea as clearly and professionally as possible. As an example watch the video which was used by Canonical to appeal for USD 32 million of funds in 30 days:

The next step is to select the most appropriate crowdfunding platform and load the appeal. There are now over 500 crowdfunding platforms to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, so you need to be sure to choose the most appropriate crowdfunding platform for your idea.

With the crowdfunding appeal for funds launched, the final step is to use the standard tools of online marketing to attract the attention of donors who would be likely to contribute funds to your crowdfunding appeal. This step is critical to the success of your crowdfunding appeal and we will help you manage and optimize your online marketing campaign from beginning to end.

Crowdfunding Consultancy – We Can Help

If you need investment funds, especially if you need them quickly, and would like to investigate whether crowdfunding could be the answer to your investment funding needs contact us for a free no strings exploratory discussion.

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